The table water “Predela” comes from 1470 meters above the sea level at the “Kalugeritsa” spring in the Pirin National Park.

The needs of water change with the age. The specifics of the human body do not allow storing great quantities of water which requires its daily supply. The breast fed children should take between 120 and 135 ml per kilogram, or nearly 665 ml daily. The babies dehydrate quicker than the adults because the water evaporates quicker through their skin. At the age of one the need to drink is reduced despite that they drink more. The average value reaches 92 ml per kilogram, or 920 ml daily.

At the age of 12 the need is even lower – it drops to 580 ml daily. The adults need 2.5 liters of water daily. One of them we get with the food – the rest of 1.5 l we must drink.

It is well known that if we want to have nice skin we have to drink between 1.5 and 2 liters of water daily. The good hydration of the skin is the first barrier for the wrinkles.


One of its main characteristics is the low mineralization of 80,19 µg/l , РН 7,8 and pleasant softness. These make it exceptionally suitable for everyday use of the entire family. The low content of Na - 2.3 µg/l makes it good for children less than 7 years of age.

The lower the sodium content is in the water, the better. These salts are in favor of the fluid retention in the human body and may affect the arterial pressure and form swells. The sodium content that is the best for the body should be below 40 µg/l.

The requirements for the little children are very strict. They should not drink water with total mineralization above120 µg/l and sodium content above 20 µg/l.

This water is very suitable for detoxication of the organism and when dieting.